Who Am I?

Beyond the existential crisis I will go through actually trying to answer this question, I can give you the lo-down of who I at least think I am. I graduated with a degree in zoology in 2016, bright-eyed and bushy tailed, ready for the world to hand me over a job as soon as I had that degree in hand. Almost 2 years later, no full time job in hand, but tons of awesome experience, I navigate the world that I am beginning to build on my own.

(Here’s me with some fowl friends)

Beyond my love of animals, I have a growing obsession with plants (think succulents and house plants), body ink (sorry Mom), craft beer, and doing yoga in random places. While I was spared the artistic gene in the family, I have a knack for crafting and making things I don’t really need. I created this site to share my thoughts and ideas and hopefully to help someone who needs it! Welcome to my world.

(Yoga and beer are an even better combo)