Under $5 Craft: Cork Coasters

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When it comes to doing things yourself, the whole point is to save money! And you can still get good quality things while saving money. Cork coasters range from around $5 all the way to $35 for personalized ones. In this project, I spent less than $5 to make cork coasters exactly how I wanted them to be. Well worth the money if you ask me! My boyfriend was on the hunt for sea-themed coasters, which is near impossible to find in November, so I decided to make them for myself.

Supplies needed for Cork Coasters:

The first thing I did was find images online of what I wanted on my coasters. I found four different images, but use your imagination and do whatever you like! I made sure they would fit on my 3×3 coaster and printed them out on cardstock I had on hand. It is better to use thicker cardstock than regular printer paper because it will keep it’s shape better.

Then, I used a box cutter to cut out the shapes. If you’re a perfectionist, then this part might take you longer than it took me, most likely because you have a lot more patience than I do.

For the next step, you can either tape the cut out cardstock to the cork coaster or you can hold it. I did not have a hard time just holding the paper still. The stencil brush is specifically made for this kind of project because it has a flat end.

Dip the brush in the paint of your choosing and fill in all your stencils. Once you have the paint on the coaster, take your stencil off because you don’t want your stencil to dry and get stuck to the coaster.

And there you have it! These cork coasters are perfect for a personalized housewarming gift, or even just a present for yourself. Plus, they’re made at a perfect price!