Top 15 Gifts For Under $30

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I’ll admit it, sometimes it is very hard to shop for a woman. But sometimes, we have things in common. Who doesn’t love a nice, relaxing night, with a cup of tea or coffee? Or reading a book, next to a newly lit candle!? Maybe it’s just me, I would be happy with any of these things. Most times, it doesn’t take something expensive to make a girl happy. These top 15 gifts for under $30 prove just that.

  1. Iced Coffee Koozie – I have to say, this is the best invention ever. I got my coffee koozie about 4 years ago and I use it almost everyday. I drink iced coffee every day, even in the winter, but if your gift receiver does not, this koozie also fits a pint glass, for your legal craft beer aficionado.
  2. Oil Diffuser – After a long day at work, one of my favorite things to do is use lavender in my oil diffuser. I often use it while I am sleeping because it helps me to relax. There are also different oil blends that can soothe stomachs, lessen headaches, and clear your sinuses! It’s hard to go wrong.
  3. Essential Oils – Because you need some oils for that diffuser too.
  4. “Bring Me Wine” Socks – Enough said.
  5. “101 Secrets For Your Twenties” Book – I listened to this book while commuting on the train and it is probably the primary reason I even thought about beginning this website. It helped me in ways I didn’t even know I needed help in. I would recommend this book to anyone have any problems in their twenties!
  6. Elephant Succulent Planters – These are so cute! They are the perfect size to hold succulents or small house plants. And they add some character to your decor.
  7. Christmas Tree Candle – This is by far the best candle I have ever smelled. I scour the stores every Christmas season to find it. It is the true essence of of what a Christmas tree smells like!
  8. Body Sugar Scrub – This body scrub smells amazing. It also does it’s job very well. I always end up with super soft skin after!
  9. 2018 Planner – So we can all feel like we are at least trying to get our lives together. This cute 2018 planner helps to keep your life organized.
  10. Winter Pom Hat – Look good while fighting this winter chill! I have a few of these beanies, and I wear them all fall and winter.
  11. Bath Bombs – If you don’t know what a bath bomb is, it’s basically a color bomb you add to your bath. It’s a NEED. Unless you just want to sit in plain ol’ bath water.
  12. Reversible Yoga Mat – Whether a fitness guru or not, this adorable yoga mat can always go to good use. And now you don’t have a good excuse to skip that new yoga class.
  13. Turtle Mug – It’s a surprise in a cup! This little turtle awaits you to finish your coffee or tea. Perfect for your mug collectors and animal lovers.
  14. Mirror Aviators – Apparently “millennial pink” is a thing, so why not give into it? These mirror aviators look good on almost every face shape and deflect everyone from seeing your holiday party hangover.
  15. Sterling Silver Pineapple Earrings – Pineapples are healthy and cute, what’s not to love? Plus they’re sterling silver so you know they won’t tarnish like those other cheap earrings.

Sometimes the smallest gifts make the biggest difference! Spending a lot of money isn’t necessary to show the ones you love that you care. Happy holidays!

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