Old Dresser Makeover

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Any good piece of furniture will last you for years to come. In my case, my dresser has lasted me for over 20 years. However, as I have been updating my room piece by piece, the 90’s floral design on the drawers of my dresser was not working for me. It desperately needed a new coat of paint, and the handles were beginning to green.

Since I’m on a makeover kick, I decided to spend my Sunday off to make over my dresser. It was long needed, and just a few small changes made a giant difference in my room. Check it out to see what I did!


  • Semi-gloss paint
  • 3 in paint brush
  • Hand sander
  • Drawer pulls
  • Safety goggles and mask

I started by taking out the drawers one by one and removing the handles with a screwdriver. The handles left some gross black marks underneath, but nothing that couldn’t easily be removed. Thankfully the flowers were not a raised decal, so I only had to sand down the drawers enough so the new paint would stick.

I used a hand sander in the depths of my creepy basement to make the process go by quicker, but I could have easily sanded by hand (be sure to wear your safety goggles and mask!).

Next, I painted the drawers in semi-gloss white. I gave the 4 plain drawers only 2 coats of paint, while the 2 drawers with floral paintings took 4 coats of paint. Once dried, I screwed the new handles into place. I bought these pulls from Amazon and they look incredible! I also sanded down and painted the top and sides of the dresser so the entire thing had a new coat of paint.

There’s nothing a little paint and elbow grease can’t help! Did you makeover one piece of furniture that updated your entire room? Tell me about it below!

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