How To Make Custom Beard Oil

In addition to my love of essential oils, I love making things that other people can use. I had a lot of carrier oils left over from doing my own facial oil and I always have plenty of essential oils laying around. Beard oil is meant to soften both the skin and the hair, and is also known to clear any skin problems underneath. My boyfriend has gone between beard balm and beard oil, but for now is stuck on beard oil. This finally gave me a chance to make some in spite of him hating to receive gifts.

Supplies needed for Beard Oil

  • Carrier oil (I used a combo of jojoba and vitamin E)
  • Essential oils
  • Amber dropper bottle

I used the same instructions as I did making my facial oil. I first poured the carrier oils to fill the dropper bottle, and then added the essential oils. For a beard oil, I used some of the “manly” essential oils: 8 drops of cedarwood, and 6 drops of both sandalwood and frankincense. Admittedly, I didn’t really enjoy the cedarwood scent that much so I ended up adding 4 drops of lavender into the mix, which made it much better.

If I haven’t said so already, I LOVE essential oils. They can be used for pretty much everything and I always try to incorporate them into my beauty routine. Now I’m getting the man in my life to try it too! Let me know how your beard oil recipes come out.